Shade Tree Micro Aviation

Shade Tree Micro Aviations Crew is made up of painters, designers, real pilots, and technical experts. We bring real aircraft into X-Plane using pilot operating manuals, aircraft operations manuals, and experience. This ensures our aircraft are as realistic as they can be within the X-Plane world. We truly hope you enjoy our models and plugin. Please provide us feedback (good or bad) so that future models and updates meet your expectations.

Jim McNeill


Jim McNeill, Papa Mac to his friends, is the owner of Papa Mac Enterprises (PME) and is the primary flight model and 3D panel guy. He is a retired U.S. Army aviator, Designated Pilot Examiner, CFI, and airplane and helicopter pilot for over 50 years and when he is not hunched over a computer in the design shop he can be found teaching his grandkids to fly in the family Cessna 182, which was featured as an X-Plane model, or is busy flying other peoples airplanes and helicopters.  Kerry will not let him near a texture for good reason.... A four year-old with crayons can draw better than he does.

Kerry Cross


I'm sad to report that Kerry succumbed to complications of surgery for a brain tumor this last month. He was a dear friend to and great associate of all of us at Shade Tree Micro Aviation and will be greatly missed. RIP, Kerry. - Jim

Kerry Cross, Forty-three years under the belt as a designer of many persuasions. Originally an automotive industrial designer with GM Holden in Melbourne Australia for 13 years, then got involved in both 2D and 3D computer graphics in the eighties and have operated my graphic design company using computer technology ever since. After seeing a flight simulator on a Silicon Graphics machine back then, I became totally hooked on flight sims, then discovered X-Plane in 2005. Mostly involved in the graphics side and developing new aircraft skins for STMA at this stage, but will venture into 3D modelling when more time permits. Spare time is for my kids, family and friend and the end of the day, X-Planing through the virtual skies.

Bob Feaver

Bob Feaver

Bob Feaver is better known on X-Plane sites as "BlueSideUpBob" and has been with STMA from 2007. He's our resident plug-in expert, having authored such unique creations as TrackerXP an easy to use head tracker using your computer’s built in web camera an ChaseViewDeluxe an external view camera platform controlled by your computer’s mouse. Bob is the author of STMA’s HangarOps plugin and the creator of the unique animated pilots that appear in all STMA models. His favourite projects combine custom animations with plugins to create classic instruments like the Earth Inductor Compass found in the Southern Cross. Bob has recently retired from active flying and is pursuing the construction of 3D printed sim cockpit components and RC aircraft. When not applying his X-Plane skills he is busy with his family and 5 granddaughters and talking aviation with friends at Collingwood’s CNY3 airport.

Mark Roberts

Our Webmaster is Mark Roberts. He is the one that keeps the site up and hopefully all the links working. Complain to him if you find anything not working correctly. Mark retired from the US Army in 2007 with 22 years of service. He hangs his hat in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Todd Denning

Todd introduced himself to us as a volunteer consultant to the Husky project and decided to join in for other projects. He is a CFII/MEI, holder of an Airline Transport Pilot rating, and a USPA D-license Expert parachutist. He is involved professionally in education and simulation training and backcountry/mountain flight training. When not teaching in his real Husky he works on a wide range of projects we hope to bring to the STMA line. Look for them in the near future!

Benjamin Whitehead

I fell in love with aviation at age 11 in Anchorage Alaska, where I grew up. I managed to spend as much time with pilots as possible, becoming close friends with the son of ERA Alaska's chief pilot, thereby scoring some great check out rides on various helicopters on the weekends. My dream of entering the Air-Force and becoming a pilot were stalled when my vision degraded to less than perfect, so I turned to the study of aeronautics and electrical engineering. I learned CAD and 3D modeling as a part of the engineering curriculum, and found a way to work as a part-time designer to work my way through school. I am currently a professional software/hardware engineer developing storage solutions, specifically Solid State Disk Drives, or SSDs. If your computer can load X-Plane in four seconds, you probably have one. I discovered X-Plane in 2008, having been an MSFS guy before then, and promptly discovered plugin writing. With that, the dream of working in aviation was suddenly reborn for me, and I've been happily writing plugins since then.

Ian Aldridge


Ian Aldridge, a lifelong aviation enthusiast has been a keen flight sim user since the late 1980’s where he started the sim journey in FS3. As a hobby I have been creating scenery and repainting planes and sharing some with the flight sim community since the migration to X-Plane about 9 years ago. I have some real flying experience with some lessons in the UK and New Zealand but realised very quickly the sim is far more affordable as a hobby. X-plane is an amazing and realistic sim and my favourite turbo prop being the STMA PC12 is a fine example of the quality and realism that can be achieved. My passion is creating the realistic textures on these fine models to reflect reality in the virtual world.”

Tom Altigieri


Tom "Ragu" Altigieri is the STMA VR developer and tester. He is an avid gamer on all platforms, but has always gravitated towards PC. Starting with computers at the young age of five, he quickly went from playing kids games to developing useful apps in Basic. He has been with X-Plane since version 9 and his favorite STMA plane is the Diamond DA40. When he isn't gaming or simming, he is snowboarding, scuba diving, working on electronics, or spending time with his family. He is also a professional wedding and club DJ.