X-Plane 10 & 11
The AT-11 is available Here.

Identified by their unique bulbous nose with it’s bombardier’s station, the AT-11/SNB-1 has a storied history. This extract from the Wikipedia Article says it all: During and after World War II, over 4,500 Beech 18s saw military service—as light transport, light bomber (for China), aircrew trainer (for bombing, navigation and gunnery), photo-reconnaisance, and "mother ship" for target drones—including United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) AT-11 Kansan; and United States Navy (USN) UC-45J Navigator, SNB-1 Kansan. In World War II, over 90% of USAAF bombardiers and navigators trained in these aircraft.

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Main Features:

  • New: Physically Based Rendering (PBR) texturing is being added and will be loaded through AutoUpdate (AU).
  • New: Mouse wheel scrolling added to all rotary switches, knobs, and rheostats except the ADF frequency selector.
  • Two completely new models, Bomber & Navigator
  • Created using the Type Certificate Data Sheet, aircraft manuals, Internet files and photos, and our extensive knowledge of similar aircraft
  • Build around Khamsin's amazing 3D model
  • Includes all of the upgraded features of our Beech D18S Twin Beech models
  • Military-style aircraft interiors.
  • The Bomber has a fully functioning, controllable, fuselage-mounted turret gun and a bombardier’s station is in the nose. The Navigator has a navigator’s station in the nose, work tables in the cabin and a celestial navigation astrodome in place of the gun turret. Our custom STMA_Guns plugin rotates through the available stations letting you be the pilot, the gunner/navigator, or the bombardier/navigator. Simply press the Gunner Station button or program a key or joystick button to STMA/Guns/RotateGunStation. Perfect for engaging in a little aerial combat with your online opponents!
  • Copilot rudder pedals and yokes are manipulators which, when clicked, move aside to permit the bombardier/navigator to enter the nose compartment
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    RealityXP Integration

    The AT11 now displays either a panel-mount RealityXP (RXP) GTN750 navigation unit or the stock X-Plane GNS530 unit under the following conditons. If the conditions are not met only the stock GNS unit displays. If the conditions are not met only the stock GNS unit displays.

  • The model is installed on a WindowsPC (RXP products are Windows Only).
  • You have purchased and installed the RXP GTN750 subscription.
  • The appropriate RXP plugin has been installed in the X-Plane\Resources\Plugins folder
  • The stock X-plane navigation unit will continue to display until the RXP unit is activated (Example: Overhead Menu -> Reality XP GTN -> GTN1 -> GTN750).
  • To revert to the stock GNS unit, simply deselect the RXP unit from the menu.
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    New: AutoUpdater (AU) equipped

    Under customer control automatically updates the models when they are loaded into X-Plane. That’s right. Our Ben Whitehead has created a web-based update system similar to X-Plane’s web updater which will, under customer control, download updates to the model whenever it is loaded into X-plane. The only requirements are that the computer be connected to the internet and for AutoUpdater (AU) to be turned on in the STMA Dock. Don’t want to update? Turn AU off. It’s that simple.

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    Designed with great attention to details:

  • Built using the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) and AT11 flight manual to create the model around Khamsin’s beautiful 3d objects.
  • All switches, rotary knobs, and handles are manipulators.
  • Model has a fuel selector for each engine and an engine fuel crossfeed which are accurately modeled to match the AT11 fuel system.
  • Ignition and starting system adapted to mimic the unique toggle switch based system of the AT11. Position the engine selector switch to point to the engine to be started and that engine’s primer, coil boost, and starter switch become active.
  • Fuel/Oil Firewall (Emergency) Shutoff handles accurately modeled.
  • Engine cowl flap handles moved to left side of the center console as per the AT11.
  • Elevator, aileron, and rudder trim indicators and wheels/handles accurately positioned and modeled (Cheat: trim gauges double as trim manipulators).
  • Fire Extinguisher buttons and switch guards added
  • Circuit breaker panel placed in copilots lower subpanel.
  • Dual volt-ammeters added.
  • Engine instruments modified/reorganized to reflect the AT11 standard.
  • Nice military skins
  • As a nod to the GPS age, a new X-Plane GPS 530, with Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) working bezel and intermediate sized moveable pop-up (works in addition to the X-Plane pop-up) added.
  • Accurately modeled ADF with working loop antenna function added.
  • Push-to-test stall warning horn added.
  • Realistic removable wheel chocks, tiedown ropes, inlet covers, pitot heat cover, remove-before-flight tags, and our new airport tug.
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    Unique Dock and now Auto Updater

  • The dock provides control over many functions from within the cockpit or while in chase view added.
  • STMA’s latest HangarOps plugin
  • New AutoUpdater - no need to worry about versions anymore, update is automatic