X-Plane 11
The de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver is available Here.
de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

The King of bush planes: Water, Land and Snow! Owners of the previous DHC-2 by STMA can buy this new XP11 model for only $12.50. Look at your original invoice for coupon code or send an email to sales@x-plane.org

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New X-Plane 11 Model

  • Flight Model optimized for X-Plane 11
  • STMA Dock
  • AutoUpdater
  • Preflight group with tug
  • Optional canoe for float model
  • New panel mount GNS430
  • New modern autopilot
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    Animated Door

    Incredible Virtual Cockpit

  • Fully 3D animated. Animated pilot, controls, surfaces. Use of manipulators
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    Accurate Flight Model

  • Data used from the type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) and from the pilot operating handbook (POH)
  • Based on real pilot's experience
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    Three Models in One Easy Package

  • Animated Retractable Skis
  • Animated amphibious floats (Includes a detachable canoe)
  • Wheels Beaver
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    Five Exciting Liveries

  • Atlin Air
  • Army SAR
  • Moe's Fishing
  • Alaska Air Taxi
  • LoneWolf.
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    Animated Door

    Main Features:

  • Flight model optimized and tested by Alaska bush pilots.
  • Goodway and FSE compatible
  • A totally redesigned and updated 3D cockpit and cabin with animated:
    • Flight Controls, Trim Wheels, Cockpit and Cabin Doors.
    • Engine Primer, Wobble Pump, Emergency Fuel Shutoff and More
  • Dynamic rheostat-controlled cockpit and instrument lighting
  • Checklister checklist
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    RealityXP Integration

    The Beaver now displays either a panel-mount RealityXP (RXP) GTN750 navigation unit or the stock X-Plane GNS530 unit under the following conditons. If the conditions are not met only the stock GNS unit displays.

  • The model is installed on a WindowsPC (RXP products are Windows Only).
  • You have purchased and installed the RXP GTN750 subscription.
  • The appropriate RXP plugin has been installed in the X-Plane\Resources\Plugins folder.
  • The stock X-plane navigation unit will continue to display until the RXP unit is activated (Example: Overhead Menu -> Reality XP GTN -> GTN1 -> GTN750).
  • To revert to the stock GNS unit, simply deselect the RXP unit from the menu.