X-Plane 11
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deHavilland DHC-3 Otter

This package includes accurate X-Plane models of the De Havilland DHC-3 Otter and two turbine variants.

  • Standard Otter with Pratt and Whitney R1340 engine - 600 HP
  • The Pratt and Whitney PT6 powered Turbine Otter - 750 HP
  • The Garrett TPE-331 powered Super Otter - 900 HP
  • For each aircraft you will receive the wheels, floats and ski versions for a total of 9 different DHC-3 Otter in the package

    They were created from the airplane's Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), pilot operating handbook (POH), engine and maintenance manuals, PapaMac’s experience flying the otter, and with the technical assistance of another otter pilot.

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    The De Havilland DHC3 Otters now incorporates AutoUpdater (AU)


  • New: Physically Based Rendering (PBR) texturing is being added and will be loaded through AutoUpdate (AU)
  • New: Mouse wheel scrolling added to all rotary switches, knobs, and rheostats except the ADF frequency selector
  • New:Autopilot upgraded to new, more modern unit
  • New: Com1/Nav1 radios removed from overhead radio stack because they’re in the GNS530
  • New XP 530 GPS with our own customized 3D, fully operational bezel, and the ability to be popped up from the STMA dock
  • New interior lighting
  • New easier to use 3D autopilot which pops up and is repositionable
  • Visible tiedown ropes/chains
  • Realistic tire rotations and steerable tailwheel castering when using the STMA remote or the STMA dock “tug” functions.
  • STMA's Exclusive AutoUpdater
  • A new fully animated exterior with animated doors, realistic lighting, and configurable passenger seats
  • A robot tug which uses the Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) Remote Control to move the aircraft into and out of our HangarOps animated hangars
  • A manipulator-based 3D cockpit so realistic that we use the aircraft POH to describe the functions
  • Wheels, Skis and Floats versions
  • A total of twelve exciting new skins included with the models other new skins will be released periodically
  • Our exclusive popup STMA dock which allows you to open and close the doors; pop up portions of the instrument panels to make adjusting settings or radios, the autopilot, GPS, and transponder more easy for aging eyes; locking and unlocking the flight controls; applying wheel chocks and remove-before-flight flags; and towing the airplane around on the ground from either the dock or from the HangarOps remote control
  • STMA’s unique aircraft registration “tail” number naming utility
  • STMA’s unique utility which accurately keeps track of the Hobbs time for this specific aircraft
  • Unique mission based on X-Adventures by Ben Whitehead
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    Animated Door

    RealityXP Integration

    The Otters now display either a panel-mount RealityXP (RXP) GTN750 navigation unit or the stock X-Plane GNS530 unit under the following conditons. If the conditions are not met only the stock GNS unit displays.

  • The model is installed on a WindowsPC (RXP products are Windows Only).
  • You have purchased and installed the RXP GTN750 subscription.
  • The appropriate RXP plugin has been installed in the X-Plane\Resources\Plugins folder.
  • The stock X-plane navigation unit will continue to display until the RXP unit is activated (Example: Overhead Menu -> Reality XP GTN -> GTN1 -> GTN750).
  • To revert to the stock GNS unit, simply deselect the RXP unit from the menu.