X-Plane 11
The OV-10 Bronco is available Here.
North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to three tons of external munitions, internal loads such as paratroopers or stretchers, and can loiter for three or more hours.[From Wikipedia]

Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) proudly presents 3 distinctly different versions of the OV-10 Bronco

  • USAF in United States Air Forces Europe livery
  • CALFIRE Current California Forestry Division
  • US Marines in Desert Storm livery
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    Full featured VFR and IFR flight and navigation suite:

  • 3D cockpit with 3D instruments using day and night textures
  • Laminar G530 GPS
  • Dual VOR/ADF RMIi
  • HSI
  • Dual COM/NAV
  • Garmin Interphone panel
  • Becker Radios (Light weight soaring favorites)
  • Custom simulation of the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot system
  • JPI EDM 930 Engine monitor
  • Custom All-Season Gear and Flap indicator
  • RealityXP Integration

    the OV-10 now displays either a panel-mount RealityXP (RXP) GTN750 navigation unit or the stock X-Plane GNS530 unit under the following conditons. If the conditions are not met only the stock GNS unit displays.

  • The model is installed on a WindowsPC (RXP products are Windows Only).
  • You have purchased and installed the RXP GTN750 subscription.
  • The appropriate RXP plugin has been installed in the X-Plane\Resources\Plugins folder.
  • The stock X-plane navigation unit will continue to display until the RXP unit is activated (Example: Overhead Menu -> Reality XP GTN -> GTN1 -> GTN750).
  • To revert to the stock GNS unit, simply deselect the RXP unit from the menu.
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    Animated Door

    Special Features:

  • Completely updated for X-Plane 11. Includes the latest GNS430 GPS and the included HangarOps (HO) plugin which provides complete control of hangar doors, pop-out displays, and our unique preflight package.
  • AutoUpdate (AU) Included. Never have to worry about downloading and apply bug-fix patches or updates again. AU does the heavy lifting for you. Completely controllable with a couple of mouse clicks.
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    Animated Door

    Advanced Flight Model

  • Enhanced accuracy of flight operations
  • Over 100 hours of flight test by Command Pilot/CFII/MEI/ATP builder
  • Fighter pilot designed, built, tested, and documented
  • Rear cockpit instrumentation for instructor back seat landing practice
  • Beautiful 3D Model

  • Fully modeled 3D aircraft and high-visibility cockpit. Animated pilots in both crew positions
  • Expandable situation awareness panels for GPS/FMS and moving map
  • Expandable access panels to make switch changes and data entry easier
  • Mouse friendly enlarged hotspots for easy switch activation
  • Frame rate friendly plugin to drive the unique Bronco operations
  • Weapon Systems

  • Accurately modeled weapons used by the actual aircraft
    • 7.62 NATO Sponson Guns (USAF)
    • 20mm Mark 4 Gun (USMC)
    • 2.75” Foldin Fin Aerial Rockets (FFAR)
    • Mk-82 500lb General Purpose Bombs (USAF and USMC)
    • Improved AIM-9M Sidewinder
  • Fully functional adjustable weapons delivery sight in combining glass - accurate weapons control panels
  • Weapons functions created and tested by USAF weapons expert
  • Bonus Scenery: Creech Air Force Base. A good bombing range for practice