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X-Plane 10 Models:
We have decided to stop creating models in V9.7 and to concentrate all of our efforts on V10. There will be one more V9.7 / V10 model, the Sherpa K650T, which will be released in the very near future. All future models will be designed in and for V10. However, we will continue to support our earlier models and fix all identified bugs for their lifetimes. Note that we recently culled a couple of older models from our active inventory and may make further cuts as we get deeper into V10.

Further, we have successfully developed and released 64 bit versions of all of our plugins and add-ons. See our Plugins Update Bin for details on all plugins.

Batch Airfoil Update:
We strongly recommend that you open V9.7 Airfoil Maker and do a batch airfoil update on all of your custom models before copying them in to X-Plane V10. If any of our airfoils fail this test please notify us immediately..
This Weeks Featured Model:
Sherpa K650T Turboprop V10
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Latest Highlights

De Havilland DHC-3 Otter Released
The DHC-3 Otter is a brand new model that has been redone from the ground up. We are very proud of this plane. Check it out here.

Latest Projects
Check out our newest projects on the Projects Page.


Wilson Aircraft
Excellent designer of classic aircraft for X-Plane.

Aerosoft Sim News
ASN X-Plane or in short ASN XP, will offer the X-Plane community daily news and much more.

STMA is proud to partner with FlyThisSim. Check out their awesome avionics packages.

FlightSim.Com has been serving flight sim community since 1996.

Shade Tree Micro Aviation is proud to support Alpha Trainer. This plugin helps train proper flight dynamics. If you are interest in learning more about Alphe Trainer, click on the link or picture below and you will be redirected to their website.

Fly Away Simulations
The most complete flight simulator website featuring flight simulator downloads, news and add-ons for Microsoft Flight, FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane.

Pilatus PC-12/47 V10 (X-Plane 9.7 Version Available Upon Request)

This Pilatus PC-12/47 turboprop was created from the airplane's Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), pilot information manual (PIM), maintenance manuals, and with the technical assistance of a skilled Swiss PC-12 pilot. This model is designed to be usable by both casual X-Plane users and professional pilots.

This is a brand new model, built from the ground up to be compatible with X-Plane v10 (X-Plane 9.7 Version Available Upon Request).

    Fully animated 3D Model
  • A new fully animated exterior with animated doors, realistic lighting, and even a physical display of wing icing!
  • A ground power unit to provide external power to the aircraft, and a robot tug which uses the Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) Remote Control to move the aircraft into and out of our HangarOps animated hangars.
  • Our new popup STMA dock which allows you to open and close the doors and the cabin window blinds; pop up portions of the instrument panels to make adjusting settings more easy for aging eyes; and instantaneously swapping out the cabin between the Luxury Passenger and Medical Evacuation.
    Accurate Virtual Cockpit
  • A manipulator-based 3D cockpit so realistic that we use the authentic Pilatus PC-12/47 pilots information manual (PIM) to describe the functions.
    Complex Custom Avionics - Developed with the assistance of a real PC-12 pilot
  • Through the use of Scriptable Avionics Simulation Library (SASL) and XAP, all of the aircraft systems and instruments work exactly as they do in the real airplane. ( Note: the current version of SASL/XP works on Intel Macs but NOT on PPC Macs)
  • A Checklister (plugin) checklist is included to make configuring the model for flight a snap. Download Checklister from the
    Comprehensive documentation
  • Real equipment manuals and Real Pilot Information Manuals
    Ten Exciting skins (Midnight Sky, Western Australian Police, Royal Flying Doctors Service, Parrot, Silvery Tan, Air Engiadina, Bengal Tiger, Lions Air, Metal, Ornge) included with the model.

Tracker XP
I bought TrackerXP yesterday -- and it's working great! After only 5 minutes of use I can't imagine to go back. It's SOOO good to be able to simply turn / move the head for looking out of the windows instead of pressing keys. Much more immersion! Thank you for this great addon!

X-Plane.Org Forum Member
Pilatus PC-12
I'm really digging this PC-12 version.

I'm an aerospace engineer, specializing in aircraft performance. I just wrapped up a PC-12 project which required digitizing some of the POH performance. I just spent an hour or so comparing the simulated performance climb, cruise, and descent performance against POH values and must say, I'm impressed with how close things track the POH values. I have not yet looked at field performance, but will try to get to that tomorrow.

Overall, very nice job in every respect! Well, well worth the cost in my opinion. And so much fun to fly because of the realism modeled!.
Aviat Husky
Thanks for the great conversion of the Aviat Husky, it is the best aircraft release that i know for X-Plane! The model and the cockpit are very well made and it flies fantastic.

Greetings from Germany
Aviat Husky
I just got around to checking out your Husky and it's simply a beautiful model. X-Plane designers have come a long way since I first starting toying around back in V6. This model is worth every last cent! Thank you for your work, and providing several different models to boot!

Jason Baker
Thank You!
Thanks for all of the timely updates and for taking your time out to make a modification like this to help those out who were unhappy with the reflections. I love them myself but you RARELY see anyone give you the best of both worlds.

Keep up the good work and with these speedy recent updates you have a customer for life in me! :)

Trenton Ray
Glass Objects
Hi Peter and Jim, just wanted to let you know that the new glass object works PERFECTLY! I no longer have the tearing like before and everything is great.

Thank you so much for making the extra effort to fix it. This is one of my favorite planes and it's great to have it working properly.

And Peter, keep up the great work on those liveries! They're really beautiful and add a lot to the plane.

Cheers and thanks again,
Everything is working well. I have just programmed some keyboard commands as you suggested and boy is this easy and fun to do. Sure makes parking a lot easier. ( wanders off into dream-- wonder if I can do something similar to help park the car in the driveway ..... )

John Pugh
Super Cub
I can't say enough good things about this plane. I have a private pilot license and a flew a 1946, 90 hp, Piper Cub, 30 years ago and this model seems to be so true to my memories of that flying experience. Well done! I love the 3-D cockpit and the way that I can switch viewing angles so quickly and easily, almost like the real deal. I also logged quite a few hours in a Cessna 182, so after the Cub, I also bought the Skylane model. I know is slightly older model, but still another great plane.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards
Thomas Buckman