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Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star

The Diamond DA40 Diamond Star is an Austrian four-seat, single engined, light aircraft constructed from composite materials. Built in both Austria and Canada it was developed as a four seat version of the earlier DA20 by Diamond Aircraft Industries.

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We are pleased to present this low cost payware version of a Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star which was originally commisioned by Precision Flight Controls, Inc.. It was developed using the airplane´s Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), the DA40 flight manual (POH), and has gone through extensive development and flight testing by DA40 qualified pilots. The panel and 3d cockpit were set up to represent as accurately as possible the real airplane. The flight characteristics are very realistic.

The GoodWay compatible model features:

  • The GoodWay Compatible
  • Transparent windows, realistic instrument panel with accurately positioned gauges.
  • Detailed, fully animated 3D cockpit& instrument panel!
  • Animated canopy and window/door.
  • Airframe,flight model, speeds, performance and handling as close to realistic as X-Plane's recent advances permit.
  • Realistic landing gear struts and structures.
  • Another superior paint job by master painter Peter Fisher, another superb fully animated pilot figure by Bob Feaver.
  • Operational tips, the actual pilot checklist in Word format, and a extract copy of the airplane POH are in the documents folder..
  • A Checklister checklist. We proudly support Snailpup’s Checklisterplug-in