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STMA’s K-MAX Helicopter for X-Plane

The Kaman K-MAX (Company designation K-1200) is an American helicopter with intermeshing rotors built by Kaman Aircraft. It is optimized for external load operations, and is able to lift a payload of over 6,000 pounds, which is more than the helicopter's empty weight.

Kaman Aerospace’s K-MAX helicopter is the optimum choice for medium lift operations in construction, firefighting, and logging. At the outset of this project we wanted to make the X-Plane helicopter experience as realistic and challenging as we could simulating real-world medium lift operations. The research took us to Kaman for a short time where we gained insight into K-MAX design and flight characteristics. Using the type certificate data sheet, operators manual, and key inputs from Kaman engineering we designed the STMA KMAX to do what the real one does and let you experience a variety of helicopter operations. The K-MAX’s synchro-meshing rotor design puts all engine power into lift. As a result it can do some amazing work at very low operator cost compared to other helicopters.

We designed a realistic 3D cockpit layout including external instrument panel for aircraft systems monitoring during long line operations. The cockpit functionality allows you to use the included Kaman POH.


The STMA K-MAX kit comes complete with the best liveries from the most renowned operators including Japan’s Akagi Helicopters, Ltd., Swanson Group Aviation, The Swiss company Rotex, Rainier Helicopters, the former Swiss operator HELOG, and Kaman’s current project with Lockheed Martin – the remotely piloted K-MAX.


You get three models already set up for tanker firefighting, Bambi bucket firefighting, and long-line operations. No fiddling with Plane Maker to get what you want (unless you absolutely insist on it!). Slung loads are included and animated to follow the natural movements of the helicopter. The Bambi bucket version is animated as an aircraft object to allow you to fill and deliver water using the X-Plane resident jettisonable load feature.


The STMA model includes firefighting and logging X-Adventures and scenery kits specifically designed for the K-MAX. You’ll be able to yard logs in minimum time, test your skills loading the Bambi bucket from small creeks or the included Pumpkin Tank, and put out fires that the fixed wing guys can’t touch!


The scenery kit includes an original logging camp on a high perch and landable berms where the logging operations occur. You will also have a base camp at Tillamook, Oregon just 15 minutes from the camp to make logistics runs when the operation needs supplies fast! Your helicopter skills will be challenged as you fly the jobs to maximize profitability and safety of the logging operation or keep the fires from spreading. You&rquo;ll get free updates for the latest X-Plane version's run and additional scenery enhancements as we expand the K-MAX job sites.

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