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Fokker FVIIb-3m Tri-motor

The Fokker F.VII was an airliner produced in the 1920s by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker, Fokker's American subsidiary Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, and other companies under licence.

This is a replica of the Fokker Tri-Motor which was originally purchased for an Alaskan expedition and named The Detroiter. After crashing in Alaska, It was salvaged and transported to California where it was purchased by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith and renamed The Southern Cross and especially outfitted for his 1928 Trans-Pacific flight from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Australia.

This model was created by Heinz Dzuirowitz, , and Shade Tree Micro Aviation's Jim McNeill, Peter Fischer, and Bob Feaver, , Australia's Kerry "Kezza" Cross, ifx folio, and Hawii's Keiger "HawaiiKman" Bowman to recreate that historic flight in May 2008. It was built by reference to 3-view drawings and as many different historical documents, photos, and authorities as we could find to replicate as faithfully as possible the real airplane. 

Once the famous flight was recreated with this model the Shade Tree Team decided to make this aircraft available to the entire X-Plane Community. Click on the download link below. 

Inside the Southern Cross aircraft folder you will find a custom plugin written specifically for this Southern Cross aircraft. This plugin has several different functions. It drives the Earth Induction Compass instrument, coordinates fuel transfers and fuel dumps, and realistically changes the pilots point of view as the aircraft assumes a level attitude. You will also find a flight recorder plugin.