64 Bit Plugins


The links listed below point to FAT (meaning a single plugin that can work on multiple operating systems (Mac, Win, Lin) and architectures (i386, x86_64)) plugins and are designed primarily for X-Plane Version 10.20 32 and 64 bit. The 32 bit part of each plugin will work with V9.7 and V10.11. Each plugin which includes an aircraft name/model number works with a specific aircraft and resides in that model’s plugins folder. Be aware that the plugins must be installed in the plugins folder of each version (wheel, floats, skis, turbo, etc.) 

Do NOT install these plugins into models earlier than V9.7 or earlier models. DO install them in the appropriate model’s plugins folder and NOT in the X-Plane\Resources\plugins folder.

We are making these plugins available for anybody, regardless of whether or not a Shade Tree Micro Aviation customer or owner of the aircraft to which the plugins apply because they won’t work reliably with any other aircraft. In fact, they’ll probably cause more problems than they solve if not installed in the plugins folder.


* The SASL plugin replaces the xap plugin in the PC12’s plugins folder but is neither warrantied or provided by STMA. It’s the work of Denis: more information here. There have been some reports that Linux is not fully supported. Please report any bugs or problems immediately.