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Whether on the ramp or in flight, ChaseViewDeluxe is a great tool for examining the finely detailed exteriors of your Shade Tree Micro Aviation aircraft.

Move your mouse to pan a nearly complete spherical view around your aircraft. Zoom in close with your mouse scroll wheel to see intricate suspension details or pull way back and watch your aircraft fly through the clouds. 

Discover how ChaseViewDeluxe is the ideal camera platform for movie making. ChaseViewDeluxe includes steady camera and smooth zoom features adjustable from the pull down menu. 

Those who enjoy flying from an exterior view can instantly switch between mouse controlled chase view, centered chase view, and your choice of 2D or 3D views. ChaseViewDeluxe also displays a simple HUD providing basic cockpit information needed to safely fly aircraft onto a runway. 

ChaseViewDeluxe is super for flying online with friends making it possible to view your flight from an exterior view. Step out of your aircraft and enjoy watching your formation flights! 

ChaseViewDeluxe can also be used to examine interior details. ChaseViewDeluxe works with all aircraft!