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No complex peripherals or headgear are required. TrackerXP 3 smoothly pans your head left, right, up, or down through a wide field of view around your aircraft's cockpit and cabin. In TrackerXP 3 pause mode, move your head towards the camera to Zoom in close on panel instruments for easy adjustment. TrackerXP works well with X-Plane 10.

A X-Plane 9 version is available on request.

A demo version of TrackerXP 3 is available for download at Here (9.6 MB). The demo version will run for 10 minutes and quietly exit to X-Plane's 3D forward view. Be sure to thoroughly read the readme PDF file or printable version before starting TXP for the first time. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. If you have any problems with TrackerXP 2.0 send a note indicating the problem and include a copy of the X-Plane/log.txt to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Designed by Bob Feaver of STMA