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KCXP - Version 2

 Welcome to the virtual headquarters for Shade Tree Micro Aviation.  Located at the southern ramp, near the Sterling Air Building.  Carson City (KCXP) scenery includes:

  • Accurate allignment with runways and taxiways according to the Airport Layout Plan (ALP)
  • Night textures
  • Overhauled terminal buildings
  • Custom Pavement with custom lines
  • North-West apron has new buildings
  • T-Hangars at the South-West apron Positioned to match real life positions
  • Eight New Hangars on the NE Ramp
  • Main Apron on the South-West side, you will find the hangars of Weaver Aircraft and American Warbirds
  • Near Terminal and the main entrance, you will find the office/hangar of Sterling Air
  • El Aero Hangar is located at the North-West ramp and you wil find STMA company vans in the parking lot.  We are very busy at Carson Airport
  • Eagle Valley Fuel operates a self-service fuel island located north of runway 9-27 along taxiway B.  Eagle Valley Fuel operates two 10,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tanks.  Both 100LL and 130 octaine fuel are available.


Click on title or banner above to download.  Also available HERE. Click on the images below for more detail.