X-Plane 10 & 11
ChaseViewDeluxe is available Here.

Get in full control of your X-Plane views. It is great for screenshots, movies or simply to enjoy the hidden details on your new 3D plane.


  • Near full spherical view around the aircraft.
  • Pan with the mouse. Zoom with the mouse wheel. Speeds adjustable from pull down menu.
  • Steady cam and smooth zoom features adjustable from pull down menu.
  • Easy to decouple/re-couple the mouse to return to a posed picture.
  • Detects terrain height. Camera will stay 1m above terrain height.
  • Defaults to replace X-Plane Chase View.
  • Custom commands allow control from keyboard and joystick.
  • Choice of 2D, 3D and 3D Mouse Look views upon return from CVD.
  • Move focal point with arrow and page keys to examine hidden details.
  • Displays a pseudo HUD with metric and imperial displays to the CVD window.
  • Customizable features from the pull down menu. Preferences saved into the Resources folder.
  • Complete ReadMe includes clear instructions, Handy Instructions from the pull down menu.