X-Plane 11
Download Hangar Ops Here.
Hangar Ops

HangarOps combines remote control opening and closing of 100 KeyCoded hangar doors, with PushBack and TurnAround features. HangarOps can be controlled from Shade Tree Micro Aviation's remote control, X-Plane's pull down plugins menu, or keyboard and joystick buttons, and partially from STMA's unique DOCK. The HangarOps download comes complete with 3 animated hangars and instructions for customizing and installing the hangars at the airport of your choice.

On installation, HangarOps creates a custom DataRef: STMA/Scenery/HangarDoorPosition[0/99]

Use this DataRef for animating your own custom AC3D or Blender hangar creations.

HangarOps (HO) is free. Go to our Plugin Update Bin (PUB) and scroll down to see the various HangarOps versions which are available. Note that not all HO features are available unless using a Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) model. When used with other models, those features which are available are controlled from X-Plane's Plugins menu.

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