X-Plane 11
Tracker XP v3 is available Here.
Tracker XP v3

Shade Tree Micro Aviation is pleased to present TrackerXP 3.40

  • Unique Head Tracking Plugin
  • Watch the TrackerXP 1 YouTube Video
  • Watch the TrackerXP 2 YouTube Video
  • Read the Free TrackerXP_ReadMe.pdf
  • Smoothly pans your head left, right, up, and down through a wide field of view around your aircraft's cockpit and cabin
  • Move your head towards the camera to Zoom in close on panel instruments for easy adjustment
  • extends head tracking to steer the ChaseViewDeluxe view! Fly in Chase View using TrackerXP's HUD. Please see the updated TrackerXP_ReadMe.pdf for details. A printable version of the ReadMe is included in the package.
  • Numerous speed and smoothness enhancements that are fully adjustable from TrackerXP's pull down menu
  • TrackerXP Null Zones have been removed. Please see theTrackerXP_ReadMe.pdf for details.
  • incorporates and extends X-Plane's new Glance Right and Glance Left commands. This is especially useful for combat and helicopter pilots. Instantly pause TrackerXP, freezing your current viewing angle. You are always only a single click away from Pause, Enable or Disable TrackerXP. One click will return you to X-Plane’s 3D forward view or any of X-Plane’s external views.
  • Turn Camera Left and Right preference
  • Center off axis cameras and remove eye glass reflections
  • Smooth action Null Zone
  • Prevents runaway camera speeds reported on some high end computers
  • Reset to Beginner and Advanced settings
  • Many optimizations, conveniences and fixes
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