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Carson City Scenery

KCXP - Version 2. Welcome to the virtual headquarters for Shade Tree Micro Aviation. Located at the southern ramp, near the Sterling Air Building.

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  • Accurate allignment with runways and taxiways according to the Airport Layout Plan (ALP)
  • Night textures
  • Overhauled terminal buildings
  • Custom Pavement with custom lines
  • North-West apron has new buildings
  • T-Hangars at the South-West apron Positioned to match real life positions
  • Eight New Hangars on the NE Ramp
  • Main Apron on the South-West side, you will find the hangars of Weaver Aircraft and American Warbirds
  • Near Terminal and the main entrance, you will find the office/hangar of Sterling Air
  • El Aero Hangar is located at the North-West ramp and you wil find STMA company vans in the parking lot. We are very busy at Carson Airport.
  • Eagle Valley Fuel operates a self-service fuel island located north of runway 9-27 along taxiway B. Eagle Valley Fuel operates two 10,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tanks. Both 100LL and 130 octaine fuel are available.
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    Animated Door